Mark’s job takes him abroad. A lot. He could end up anywhere in the world. Maybe even roaming in Rio?

This time he’s in Tangier for a meeting. He’s got some time beforehand, so goes off to explore the streets of the Medina. And gets lost. Schoolboy error.

Luckily for Mark, he uses an O2 Rest Of World Pass. So he can find the nearest café. Sit and drink his mint tea. And have his important work calls. Without worrying about the cost.

He knows exactly how much he’ll be paying for his roaming. Everyday. Even if he’s not sure exactly where he is.

The Rest Of World Pass replaces our Worldwide data Bolt Ons giving you call, texts and more data in 87 destinations around the world from 17 November 2016.

The Rest Of World Pass is replacing our Worldwide data Bolt Ons. What does that mean for you?

  • Much more for the same price
  • Calls, texts and more data in 87 destinations outside Europe
  • Double data in 29 more destinations outside Europe

What’s changing?

The Rest Of World Pass replaces the World Wide Data Bolt ons. You still have the option of having a 24 Hour Pass or 30 Day Pass

It’s simple

Choose a 24 Hour Pass for £7.50 or a 30-day pass for £99. Then roam where you want to. Whether it’s business or pleasure, you’ll always know what you’re paying.

If you’re a new customer (post 17 November 2016), the Rest Of World Pass is already included in your tariff. If you used to have our 24 Hour Worldwide data Bolt On, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass. And if you previously used our 30 day Worldwide data Bolt On, it will continue as normal til its finish date, then you’ll automatically upgrade to the Rest Of World 30 Day Pass

How does it work?

Keep in touch, stay in control. All you have to do is:

  • Leave data roaming switched on
  • We’ll confirm your pass when you arrive in a new country
  • We’ll text when you’re nearing your allowance
  • If you travel between different zones, your data travels with you, adjusting as you go
  • Rest Of World Passes also work with data-only tariffs like iPad, Pop Up Office, Mobile Broadband. And both passes support tethering to laptops and tablets while you’re abroad.

You only pay when you use the Rest Of World Pass. The pass triggers when you use 50kb of data, make an outbound call to the UK or in Country, receive a call or send a text. Capping options can be changed with a call or text.

The Rest Of World Pass only works outside Europe. You can still use O2 Travel to get all the calls, texts and data you need in Europe for just £1.66 (ex VAT) per day. Find out more here.

No Nasty Surprises

O2 has it covered. Roaming doesn’t need to spring any nasty surprises. No big scary bills. Just call, text and use data when you need to.

Please call me if you have any queries, to find out more about the Rest of World Pass and O2 Travel.