Clearvision Cloud

The Clear vision Phone-cloud Net

The phone cloud net is a range of business connectivity from ADSL and fibre broadband to Ethernet leases lines

With 91% of successful cyber-attacks beginning with a phishing email and losses from targeted CEO fraud attacks growing by over 300% year on year, you really need a robust email security solution protecting your business. In the vast majority of cases, a digital attack is activated completely by accident, simply because someone opens the wrong email.

An email that wouldn’t have landed in their inbox with the right security system. We recommend The Email Laundry, our preferred cloud-based email security service. No hardware, no software, no maintenance, no hassle, just trusted protection, from the leading reputation-based email filtering service:

  • Stops all known viruses
  • Captures over 99.99% of spam with zero false positives
  • Providers phishing protection against emails with malicious web links
  • Includes URL scanning to identify threats
  • CEO fraud and ransomware protection
  • No matter what problem you are dealing with we have a solution for you

Full stack email security

Using cyber threat intelligence, our full stack email security uses a variety of tactics and algorithms to prevent and protect you from ransomware, viruses, CEO fraud, and other cyber threats.

Email continuity

We ensure you still have access to your emails via a web portal if your server goes down. Your emails will be delivered to your inbox once your server comes back.

SaaS encryption suite

Stop hackers and snoopers from intercepting and reading confidential emails. We offer different encryption options, giving you the opportunity to choose the best choice for your business communication needs.

Threat intelligence feeds

Using a combination of the only real-time (<24 Hour) NRDL in the world, AS rankings, and passive DNS, our feeds are one of a kind. We identify the motivations, goals, techniques.