Clearvision Ethernet

How to find your Ethernet Hardware Address

ClearVision can manage your local area network (LAN) install from concept to completion.

Our engineers and experts work with Cat5, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat 7 to provide structured cabling, communications cabinets and accessories, access points and the voice and fibre backbone your business or building needs. Our team can also provide you with an audit and health check of your existing infrastructure to ensure it is working in the most efficient way and work with you to find solutions to problems you are encountering.

External network adapters and some Ethernet cards will have the HW Address imprinted on them, have a sticker on them with the information, or it will be included in the manual. NOTE: These strings may omit 0’s at the beginning – make sure your HW Address is 12 characters long. If it is not, you need to pad the beginning with 0’s.

If your business is moving, changing or expanding we can provide an integrated approach to ensuring you get or stay connected. Any challenges you encounter will be dealt with quickly, by our customer care team who sit alongside our engineers and support teams.